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Has Another Real Estate Contract Expired? Tags: cash offer home

There are multiple factors that can keep a house from selling on the market. Location is a huge factor, as is the economy. Others may include a small yard, older appliances, or the condition of the house in general. It is possible that even after renovations and a price reduction, the house will still remain on the market. Contracts with real estate agents typically last for one-year and can be renewed as needed.

What to Do

If yet another real estate contract has expired, it may be time to try an alternative. Some homeowners will list the house with another agency. The reasoning behind that decision is that the new agency may have better advertising methods and access to more buyers. It is worth a try especially if the initial contract can be for six months.

Before seeking another agency, homeowners should consider the circumstances carefully. It will mean another sign on the lawn and more people viewing the house. Is it financially possible to continue paying the taxes, the insurance premiums, and the operating costs of the property? Do you have enough energy and motivation to sustain another year of all the hassles and inconveniences that come with selling a house?

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Homeowners can take the house off the market and complete repairs or renovations little by little over the course of a year or two. Once those are done, the house may have a better chance of selling. The pricing at that time can cover the costs of the work and provide the owner with a bit more profit.

A second option is to work with Cash Home Buyers. Some real estate companies specialize in helping people sell their homes fast. Those companies have buyers that will fix up a house, and either move into it or flip it. Those who flip houses do so as an investment. They purchase a house “as is” at a low price, complete renovations, and sell the house at a profit.

The Process

An agent will visit the property and make a cash offer for your house. Owners have a few days to decide if that offer is acceptable. If so, a contract is signed and the closing can happen anywhere from three business days to three weeks. It is the owner who sets the closing date.

The cash for homes way of selling a house is fast, simple, and hassle free. When signing another real estate contract does not appeal to owners, they may want to contact cash buyers. Sometimes the cash offer for your home is an amount that is equivalent to what would be left over after closing on a house the traditional way.

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